Social networking and micro-blogging site Twitter was down for about half an hour on June 3, 2013. An unknown number of Twitter users were not able to access their accounts due to a glitch during a ‘routine change’. Shortly after, the company announced in a post that they have finished with the changes.


However, even after issues were fixed, some users experienced delays in receiving their updates. Earlier on Monday, June 3, 2013, users were trying to access trending topics and other posts but failed. Many users received a message beginning with ‘something is technically wrong’.

The company said, “Due to an error in a routine change, Twitter was not available from 1:08pm PDT to 1:33pm PDT. We rolled back the erroneous change as soon as we identified the issue”. The social networking site faced a phenomenal growth since its inception in 2006. Since then, it has struggled to handle an ever-increasing number of Tweets.

At the moment, it claims more than 200 million users generating about 400 million Tweets or 140-character messages on a daily basis. The social networking site was constantly criticized for the ‘fail whale’ outage icon during its early years and is investing a lot of effort to improve in the future.


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