As Tokyo Electric Power Company is planning to release groundwater from the firm’s stricken nuclear power plant into the sea, their decision is opposed by the Fukushima Prefecture fishermen.


Many said that such dumping might be harmful, while others said that they do not trust Tepco. The fishermen expressed their views in a meeting that was held between the Soma Futaba fisheries cooperative and representatives of Tepco and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. On the other hand, the utility promised to make all necessary checks of the groundwater before it is released, in order to ensure that it is not radioactive. However, the fishermen maintained that they do not trust them.

The co-op head Fusayuki Nanbu, while talking to the reporters, said that they need more explanations and complained that Tepco did not manage to acknowledge the fishermen’s sentiment. The recent meeting was the second briefing to the fishermen regarding the firm’s plan to release the groundwater.

Once again, the prefectural association of fisheries cooperatives will meet on June 24, 2013 for a uniform response. The utility has hopes that the groundwater will be released into the sea under the Fukushima No 1 nuclear plant before it flows into the basements of the buildings housing reactors.