Indian beauty care products manufacturer Dabur announced on June 10, 2013, that it has expanded its skin care segment. The company has launched its gel-based facial bleach for the Indian market. Dabur said that it has developed the new Oxy Life Gel Bleach with Aloe Vera after intensive research by the Dabur Research and Development Centre.


Sanjay Singal, Dabur India Head of Marketing said, “With the launch of Oxy Life Gel Bleach we aim to further strengthen our leadership position in the approximately Rs 300 crore skin bleach market and set new benchmarks for the growth of the category”. The company stated that the product will be available in the retail market as well as for parlors in the packet sizes of 8 gm, 24 gm and 330 gm, priced at Rs. 35, Rs, 80 and Rs. 375, respectively.

In a press release for the media, the company also assured that the product has been dermatologically tested and certified and will be available for both retail and parlor use. The product intended for the parlor use will also have a special skin serum, which is known as the Oxy Life Post Bleach Skin Brightening Serum, specially developed using the Oxysphere Technology.