The Japanese oil tanker which was damaged last week due to an explosion on the ship, was not an accident at all, but rather an act of terrorism. The Japanese oil tanker, M. Star had been attacked last week and there was a dent found on the hull of the ship. Sources have stated that two days ago, an Al-Qaeda group claimed the responsibility of the attack.


The crew of the ship had reported of hearing an explosion on the ship during the midnight hours on Wednesday last week. Some sources stated that the ship was involved in a collision, but later it was known that one person was injured in the explosion. The UAE officials who have examined the attack have stated that the explosion was actually an attack that was carried out on Wednesday midnight.

The UAE bomb experts had found material of an home made explosive on the side of the ship, just above the hull. Sources from the coast guard are stating that may be the ship might have hit a boat which was filled with explosives, an intentional terrorist attack.

Source: bbc


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