Unemployment rate in the US has remained stagnant for the month of July, as it remained on the 9.5% barrier for the whole month. 131000 positions were lost during the last month in the jobs which were non-farm related. On the other hand the private sector added some 71000 jobs to the industries.

The recovery rate in the unemployment zone is very slow, and this months achievements were way less compared to the 200000 job recruitments needed every month, which has been planned by the US administration to curb the ongoing unemployment crisis. US is facing a strict employment deficit since many years now.

The government after noticing the stats fears that the recovery pace is very slow and steady. The main cause of drop in the jobs is that there is no federal employment, and the worse part is that 143000 temporary jobs have been ended as the work for them finished. The total number of unemployed workers in the US remain at a mind staggering 14.6 million for the month of July.

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