With the arrival of spring and summer, girls and women in China will be putting away their warm, dark clothes and are looking forward to the latest colorful and bold fashion and style. Wang Lei, a 30-year-old fashion shopper and IT manager said that the shoes are like the foundations and if the foundations are not right, then the building will not stand properly.

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Wang further explained that a pair of good shoes can make a woman stand out at any occasion. This year, the trend for spring and summer has been described as extremely fun and vibrant. There are classic high heels, metallic finishes, as well as transparent footwear with eye-catching prints. Moreover, over-sized bags are also making way for small clutches.

The season is also filled with plenty of trendy designer bags which are ‘in’ right now and should definitely be tried out. When it comes to bags, everything from pastel shades to complex prints and different textures is acceptable. In 2013, one very noticeable trend is the return of the messenger bags, which are tiny in size and bright in colors. Wang also went on to say that every spring and summer represent the time for a change and a new beginning for fun and joy, with new shoes and bags being offered to people who need to look their best.


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