Asia Bizz: 71000 Jobs In The US Not Effective Enough To Curb Unemployment Crisis

71000 People in the US have been given jobs in the private sector, this does sound a lot of jobs provided to the American people, but this not true according to the stats. This is a very small amount of developement in the US unemployment crisis, and is surly not effective enough to curb the ongoing situation.

unemployment us

Nearly 65% of the Americans which contribute to the 238 million, who are above the age of 16, are eligible to provide a work force. 159 million of them are working but some 14.6 million people need jobs and the other 84 million people who contribute to the workforce are not working, retired or have given up. And after looking at these figures, 71,000 does look small.

Now as per the stats, the officials state that if the US needs a steady growth out of the unemployment crisis then they have to provide at least 100000 to 125000 jobs each month regularly. And on the other hand, the private sector has to work harder in providing 200000 jobs each month to curb the unemployment rate of 9.5%.

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