Many working mothers in Japan are facing difficulties as they try to return to their respective careers. Full-time working mothers face a challenge as they need to get their children into day care centers in order to continue with their careers and provide for their families.


Busy mothers are facing various problems as they try to return to their careers after the maternity leave. This is proving to be a difficult task, as problems like children getting adjusted to the new environment and lack of admission at day care facilities, force mothers to extend their maternity leave in order to look after their children. Additional issue is that companies where the mothers work find it difficult to convince their company authorities to give them an extra six-month leave to take care of their children.

Even if and when they return successfully to their work place, they will find that their salary was deducted by the company and that they are being criticized for having several days off to deal with their children’s emergencies.

Therefore, mothers are complaining that even when they make adjustments, companies do not have diverse working cultures which will allow them to have their jobs. With all this in mind, the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is determined to increase the number of day care centers, so that even mothers can have jobs and do not need to sacrifice anything.


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