One of the pilots taking part in the rescue operation in Uttarakhand said on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, that the weather conditions are disrupting the planned rescue operations. Helicopters are being sent to airlift people who are stranded in areas which have been badly hit by the raging floods in Uttarakhand.


Commandos were airdropped from the Air Force helicopters in order to help rescue people who were unable to move anywhere due to floods. KC Dutt, one of the pilots participating in the rescue operations, said, “Right now in Kovindha, there are about 3000 travelers. So, we will try to rescue the old people and the women first and bring them to Joshimath and if they face any problem there then we will bring them to Dehradun to Shastra Dhara and they can travel on road from there”.

Junior Commissioned Officer in the Indian Army, AK Singh, said that the Army was trying to provide medical assistance and food to people who have faced this difficult situation. Neighboring villages in the state are also flooded with river water and more people are waiting to be rescued.

The authorities are now using helicopters as the rising river water has made the rescue operations even more difficult. Prashant Kumar, Superintendent of Police, said on June 19, 2013 that they were using whatever sources they have in order to rescue people who are stranded in the areas affected by extreme floods.