US has recently made an attempt to downgrade the country of China in terms of ranking of nations. However, China has rejected the US report which ranked the nations in terms of significant efforts to put human trafficking under control. China has stated that Washington’s assessment was lacking objectivity.

human trafficking

Hua Chunying, foreign ministry spokesperson of China said that her country attached “great importance to fighting all crimes of trafficking”. Chunying added, “We believe that the US side should take an objective and impartial view of China’s efforts and stop making unilateral or arbitrary judgements of China”.

The report deals with the topic of human trafficking, as the US draws attention to the constant cases of child and adult forced labor, along with sex trafficking of women and girls. China defended its efforts and clarified that it has taken steps in order to raise awareness and work with international organizations. The report from the US states that the Chinese government has not demonstrated significant efforts to comprehensively forbid and punish all reforms of trafficking and to prosecute offenders.

The report also said that trafficking was pronounced among China’s internal migration population. Moreover, the country’s one child policy resulted in more boys than girls, which has increased the demand for prostitution and foreign brides.