China is very well-known for being technologically advanced. At the moment, at least five countries are in negotiations with China to purchase the Wing Loong drone which has been developed domestically.

Wing Loong drone

Ma Zhiping, general manager of China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation, at the 50th International Paris Air Show said, “Wing Loong is quite competitive in the international market and we have delivered it to up to three clients”. The company of Ma is the biggest exporter of aviation defense products in China and also has a strong presence in the military aircraft market.

The aircraft belongs to the Aviation Industry Corp of China, which is the country’s leading aircraft manufacturer. Ma also said that the feedback from the clients has been very positive. He went on to say that they are satisfied with the drone’s performance and their uses of the Wing Loong have testified that it has an excellent combat capability, supreme maneuverability and is also extremely practical for maintenance.

The users have also said that the actual performance of the drone has surpassed the design specifications. The aircraft is capable of performing various tasks like precision strikes and long duration and long distance reconnaissance. In June 2013, the government gave a green light to export the aircraft.