Recent reports claim that several North Korean websites and networks were targeted by international hacking groups and the websites are now offline. Monitors on the Internet said that the websites of the Korean Central News Agency, the Rodong Sinmun and portal Naenara were not working since 11 am on June 25, 2013.


The websites were targeted in advance by the Anonymous Group, which said that it will launch attacks in order to mark the 63rd anniversary of the outbreak of the 1950-53 Korean War. The sites were targeted by the hactivist group whose members have never been identified. The group also claimed that it planned to attack the networks as the North, despite the warnings from the international community went on and launched a long-range rocket.

In February 2013, the North also launched a nuclear device and threatened to start a new war on the Korean Peninsula. The hacktivist group then broke into the main Internet-based media of the North, which is also known as the Uriminzokkiri, as well as propaganda website in April 2013.

This action has also affected Minjok Tongshin, an English language news provider and Other websites also include and Ryugyong Clip, which is a video and a still image site.