Auto giant Honda Motor Co. said that it is targeting female drivers for its redesigned 2014 Acura MDX sport wagon with what is about to be the luxury brand?s most expensive ad campaign yet. The company used the slogan ?Made for Mankind? and a female narrates the moody ads that show women hiking a mountain ridge, interacting with a robot and dancing.


The latest commercial by the company was premiered at the National Hockey League?s Stanley Cup Finals in June 2013 and the full campaign is all set to begin on July 7, 2013, Honda said. With this recent campaign, the company hopes that the ads will help to improve sales of Acura, which fell by 25 percent in the US market, from a peak of 209,610 units in 2005. The luxury marquee of Honda is also promoting the new RLX sedan, as well as the NSX, which is a sports car priced over $100,000.

Gary Robinson, advertising manager for Honda’s Acura luxury line, said, ?Luxury is so focused on a very sort of stereotypical, 40-year-old wealthy male.? Robinson went on to say that they will certainly be going forward in the country which is not going to be anyone?s majority anymore.