South Koran giant Samsung Electronics has launched its first curved OLED TV on Thursday, June 27, 2013. With this recent launch, the company has brought something new into the constant competition on the premium TV market. The device was showcased at the company’s headquarters and at the launch, Samsung assured that it will provide more future-oriented products and services and will begin with a ‘Zero Pixel Defect’ initiative in pursuit of a defect-free screens for its OLED TV.

Samsung Electronics launches curved OLED TV

Kim Hyun Sunk, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics said, ?There are now two kinds of TVs: Samsung TVs that evolve over time and non-Samsung TVs that do not?. With the latest launch of the curved OLED model, the company states that it has completed the lineup, which now includes Premium Smart TV and the UHD TV, which were all released during 2013.

These three devices in the lineup might get an upgrade with the latest hardware and software, with the help of an evolution kit. The executive vice president of Samsung Electronics assured that the company will replace the customer’s product if any defective or dead pixel is found.

With the new curved screen, problems of screen edge-visual distortion and loss of detail are officially gone.