The Siri application of Apple was recently alleged of infringement of intellectual property rights by another company. On July 2, 2013, a court in Shanghai started a hearing of the case, in which the application has been alleged of infringement.


The Shanghai No 1 Intermediate Court says that the Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Company Limited is suing the US-based giant, as well as Apple Trading Shanghai Co Ltd, over the alleged IPR infringement. Five of the Apple products which run on Siri are accused of infringement.

On the other hand, Apple has denied these accusations, saying that Siri goes beyond Shanghai Zhinzen’s IPR and it also asks the court to reject all requests from Shenzhen Zhizhen. Apple?s Siri was first launched as an application and was available on the Apple?s App Store in the US .

In October 2011, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S which had Siri and was integrated into the iOS. It also offered conventional interaction across several applications. The court said that the case will be heard on a future date, but no specific time has been mentioned. In recent times, Apple has been involved in many patent-related issues across the globe, mainly with the South Korean giant Samsung.