These days, global automobile industry is under pressure to combat air pollution with the help of electric vehicles. For this reason, the green transportation alternative has been pushed by leaders in China. However, auto companies are facing a downfall in sales of the electric vehicles, due to many reasons, including pricing, charging times and problems of batteries running out.


Upswing has been noticed in the world auto industry due to competitive labor costs and restructuring, which have made auto plants in the United States tough global competitors after a sharp decline. The country of China is considered to be the world?s largest auto market, which produced 18.2 million light vehicles in 2012 alone.

An overall report mentioned that a global desire to reduce the dependence on oil, air pollution issues, as well as greenhouse gas emissions have increased the importance of alternative auto technologies. Countries like Japan, US, France, Denmark, China and Netherlands have the biggest number of electric vehicles. The recent problem of smog in Beijing raised the importance of low-emission vehicles in the country as a way of getting rid of the human health hazards.

The State Council has called on the domestic auto industry to achieve production and sales targets of 500,000 pure-electric hybrid vehicles by 2015.