During this year’s summer vacation, first and second-grade primary school students in China will not be having written assignments. The decision not to give vacation homework to students was issued by the Ministry of Education and the notice about it has been released on July 5, 2013.


Students of first and second grades will not be given vacation homework, so that they get more time to experience nature and participate in social activities. The notice from the Ministry also said that no primary school or any teacher may organize cram schools during summer vacation. Moreover, parents are also instructed to be reasonable in the interest classes that they select for their children.

Some experts have supported the new move that has been taken by the Ministry. A researcher with the National Center for Education said that the new regulation has been introduced in order to relieve students from unnecessary pressure that has been a cause of concern for a while. The regulation has also set higher requirements for the schools and teachers.

Teachers need to pass on their knowledge efficiently, so that students can master the knowledge in a shorter time and finish their work at school. The Ministry also made such attempts earlier, in order to ease the pressure on students.