On Wednesday, July 10, 2013, scooter manufacturer Terra Motors Co. has unveiled an electric scooter. The special feature of the scooter is that it can be linked to an iPhone, which displays driving information.


This latest feature is the first of its kind for bikes which have a smartphone connection and will be available for sale in Vietnam from December 2013. The vehicle will also be launched for global sales starting in December 2013.

Toru Tokushige, president and founder of Terra Motors said, “What people in the middle class in emerging nations want to buy is motorbikes and smartphones”. The demand for electric scooters is increasing, especially in certain parts of Asia. These days, people are opting to have electric scooters due to problems like pollution and increasing gasoline prices. With this model, the screen of an iPhone is mounted on the dash of the scooter with a blue stripe.

The screen then displays information like charge remaining, power consumption, mileage and average speed. There are also other free downloadable applications at the beta stage which assist in navigation and also recommend roadside stops. The company aims to sell 2,000 units of the A4000i, which is priced at about ¥450,000.