Sources from the China’s Ministry of Culture said on July 11, 2013, that the country will allow foreign game consoles to sell products in China, if they register in Shanghai?s new free trade zone. At the same time, the Ministry denied lifting of the 10-year-long ban on the video game hardware market in the country anytime soon.


Officials from the Ministry confirmed the accuracy of a South China Morning Post report, which states that if foreign companies agreed to register in the new free trade zone in Shanghai, they will be allowed to promote and sell their products on the Chinese mainland. The report also mentioned that before foreign companies start selling, they have to seek an approval for specific products from related regulators.

The new rule has been brought as the Chinese government wants to make sure that the content is not too violent or politically sensitive. An official from the Ministry, on condition of anonymity said, “The detailed information (on foreign game console companies’ entry into China) is incorporated in the policy package for Shanghai’s free trade zone”.

However, the government of China is yet to officially release all documents.