Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is planning to introduce more advanced features to its lower-priced phones. The elements of expensive phones like Lumia might be introduced to the lower-priced range of Asha smartphones. The company is also planning to bring down rates of the Windows phones.


On July 12, 2013, Nokia launched its newest Lumia Phone 1020 for the US market. However, there is still some time left before the new smartphone reaches the Indian market. The company instead sees more potential on the market for its cheaper phones, rather than for the recently launched device. The new device from Nokia has been quite pricey in the US market, which translates to Rs. 42,000, while the Apple’s iPhone 5 is available for Rs. 45,000 on the Indian market.

One of the company executives during the launch of Lumia 1020 said that the phone will be released in India with a big launch event, but it is still not known when will that happen. The phone is launching everywhere simultaneously and the company claims that it became a challenger to others now.

These days, amidst existing strong players like Apple and Samsung, Nokia is constantly fighting its way back into the market with different segments of mobile phones.