Food companies in China have always found themselves in the middle of some controversies. These days, the companies are struggling to regain customers’ confidence in their products, due to controversial food safety crisis. In recent times, the companies have faced several controversies which include drainage oil, tainted milk powder, vegetables and fruits with pesticides and residue.


In the past, such problematic food products have raised a panic among consumers in China. These problems have also brought a negative effect on the sales revenues generated from domestic food manufacturers. Daisy Xie, deputy manager of the Guangdong Shantou Yili Food Corporation has admitted that consumers’ lack of trust in food products is a really huge problem.

Xie said, “People don’t have much confidence in the quality of domestic food products in the Chinese mainland, especially food for infants and children. They prefer to believe that food brands in Hong Kong, or countries in Southeast Asia and Europe are good.” In order to change the current situation and increase their sales, food companies are trying various methods to regain the consumers’ trust.

Xie also mentioned that they have given a lot of free samples to customers through distributors or baby shops before people buy their products.