Asia Bizz: Obama Strict On Jobs Outsourcing To India And China

President Baracks Obama has stated that the fear of the U.S jobs and work moving to countries like India, China and Germany is over now. He stated that all the jobs and industries which were to be in a long run, were thought to move to India or China, but this will not happen now, as the US will work hard in its own country to stabilize its own economy.

Barack Obama

President Obama, in his speech, frequently kept stressing that he wanted strict policies to stop the jobs from being outsourced to countries like India and China. He stated that instead of spending the American money unwisely, he will start investing in the American education system, innovation and clean energy development, which will help American citizens get better jobs in their own country.

The US President said that it has taken his country almost a decade to fall into a financial wobble, and it will actually take a little more time to come out of this mess. He also added that the American’s and he himself in particular are looking ahead to stabilize the economy and witness the American dream once more.


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