Asia Bizz:  Global Warming Playing Strong Role In Hampering Rice Crop Yield

Global warming has now become a point of concern in a new sector- global rice yield. The warming of the planet is causing and directly hampering the production of rice crops in the Asian continent. Reports say that  more that 10% to 20%  of the rice production yield has fallen in past 25 years in some parts of Asia.
rice field

A group of US based scientists studied some 227 farms across China, India, Vietnam and Thailand, which are the main rice producing giants, and studied the yield. (BBC)  This brought out some very important and horrifying findings that if the climate keeps getting hot, it will become really difficult to feed the world’s growing population.

The main data for the research came from fully irrigated farms of Tamil Nadu in India to the farms on the outskirts of Shanghai. As per the studies, it has been reported that since the temperature in the nights kept getting warmer, it will adversely affect the production yield of crop in the world. A rise in one degree in the nights in the country of Philippines, dropped the rice production by 10% annually.

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