US-based tech giant Apple said that its developer website has been hacked by an outsider last week. The information regarding the hacking was given by the company, through emails which were sent out to developers.


So far, the company has not mentioned any details on when exactly will it reopen for the developers and has stated that the website is expected to be back up again soon. Apple said that this happened due to an intervention of an intruder, which forced the company to shut the developer’s website down. However, in terms of safety, Apple claimed that the database and information regarding developer’s sensitive personal details have been saved in an encrypted format and that the data in question cannot be misused.

However, the email sent by Apple also mentioned that the attacker might have been able to access developers name, mailing addresses or email addresses. Developer site has been shut down since July 18, 2013. Initially, it was stated that it has been shut due to security reasons and that it was down for maintenance.

The note sent to developers mentioned that the website will be unavailable, unless the company hardens the security and provides a better safety system. The company has not stated when the website will be reopened.