Indian Auto giant Tata Motors has started a new initiative known as the ?Tata Motors Service? initiative which is aimed to improve the customer satisfaction. The service will concentrate more on the after sales service. The initiative includes a biometric and RFID based real time tracking system for all the vehicles in the service bays of Tata.


Customers through the new service will be able to avail live information about the location and status of their cars while it is at the dealer workshop and helps the customers keep a track of the vehicle through various stages at the workshop. The company is also planning to introduce up to 20 doorstep service vans across the country.

The company has claimed that the it will offer quick service in case of emergencies and conduct periodic maintenance of cars belonging to customers with busy schedules and will also repair any minor damages on Tata Cars. The Door Step service vans will be equipped with workshop tools and equipments which will include a generator and compressor with spare parts for minor repairs.

Other services include online service appointment facility. Tata has also assured that the breakdown van will not take more than 60 minutes to reach the destination within the city and 120 minutes for highways and other places.

Photo Credits: Car Dekho