After the recent reports regarding an iPhone 5, which caused the death of an air hostess in China, a couple in Hong Kong lost all their belongings in their apartment after the Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded. China-based Du was in his house playing a game on the smartphone when it suddenly exploded into flames.


Du quickly threw the phone on his sofa and the whole house caught on fire. The couple managed to escape with minor injuries, but their apartment burned to the grounds and all their belongings have been reduced to ashes. This is not the first time that the reports of an explosion of a smartphone have surfaced.

Reports say that such incidences happen because people are using fake parts with the phone, but Du claims that he was using genuine parts, including the battery charger. Firefighters rushed to the spot and doused the fire in 30 minutes, while Du also revealed that the fire spread to his car as well.

After hearing the news, Samsung said that it will look into the matter and a chemical analysis of the charred remains will establish if the phone actually came from a Samsung factory or not. Recently, Apple was also in the news when a flight attendant lost her life after she received a shock when answering her iPhone 5 on a charger.

Photo Credits: Gizbot