Dell’s new gadget, the Dell Streak, is all ready to hit the markets on August 13, and is a cross over between a tablet PC and a smartphone. However, there are speculations whether it can sustain the customers needs. It can do all sorts of tasks, and it includes the qualities of an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Streak will be launching in a few days in the US and will be available in Europe in a couple of months.


What does Dell’s Streak have in store for the user? The new Streak comes with a 5 inch screen and a Google Android 1.6 OS, but it seems to be too late for Dell to launch all these qualities in a phone, because for one, the most expensive of all smart phones comes with a contract at a price of $200, and the Streak will touch $550 at the store. Secondly, Dell is coming up with almost a year old version of the Android, OS1.6, whereas the Motorola Droid X and Blackberry are coming out with the latest Android 2.2.

Besides this, with regards to the size of the phone, the screen seems to be too big to be called a phone and too small to be called a tablet, so theres a confusion here too. The pricing of the Streak is questionable, because most of the high end smart phones cost way less than the Dell Streak.


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