Asia Bizz: Jobless Claims In US Rise To The Highest Ever In The Past Six Months

Jobless claims and application have suddenly risen and has reached an all time high that has never been seen in the past six months. Reports say that Jobless applications rose by 2000, making the claims close by 484000 this weekend. These are strong signs of the American unemployment and where its is going.

The Labor Department stated that these figures are very worrying and it is directly affecting the market, so it is now a point of concern. Stock indexes were a sore to the eyes and the Treasury department figures were heading south. Jobless claims are increasing and not decreasing, something bad from the American’s point of view.

The claims are going the other way, and economists are worried that the American economy is not at all recovering steadily. Economists had predicted that the claims will fall this week to 465000, but rather just the opposite happened. Everything considered from the American view, the unemployment, the economy and the market are just not budging to show any improvement.


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