Asia Bizz: Europe Witnesses Strongest Growth In Eurozone In The Second Quarter

The European Union has registered the strongest growth in its economy for the first time in three years. The credit for the sudden boost goes to the France and Germany, but there are concerns that this growth will not sustain for long. The Euro grew by a full 1% compared to the first quarter.


Experts have stated that growth was more than it was predicted by Reuters, and this the highest growth registered for the first time in more than 3 years. But amidst the strong growth, there is worry that the following months are going to be sore. There will be an ease on the Euro index the same kind which the US is facing.

It is because of Germany that there was a substantial growth, since the German economy experienced a strong surge of 2.2%, something that the Germans never witnessed. It happened because of good amount of investments and strong export rise.


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