Asia Bizz: Weapons Sales To Saudi Arabia To Touch $60 Billion

A new weapons sales agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia Air Force includes a sale of, F-15 Aircrafts, 132 Apache Gunships and a huge lot of UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters which amounted to $ 60 Billion. The Pentagon and the State Department will handle the arms sales to the Middle East country.

Saudi Weapons

Officials have stated that this the biggest arms deal that Saudi has ever made. The deal includes 84 F-15 fighters, and a host of many helicopters. Saudi has made the biggest arms deal ever in a move to upgrade and increase the number of inventory in the forces.

This is good news for Obama, as it is going according to what he had planned.It will help the Middle East to counter the Missile Program of Iran. The finalization of the whole deal and the package will be done by mid September this year.


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