South Korean auto giant Hyundai is celebrating 15 years of its presence on the Indian market. The company is celebrating a major landmark and has announced the launch of a ‘Celebration Edition’ of its popular Santro Xing hatchback. Hyundai said that the new vehicle will be available in petrol, as well as diesel version.


The pricing for the vehicle is yet to be announced. The new ‘Celebration Edition’ of Santro Xing will have six new and exciting features, which will include stylish graphics, with chrome garnish at the rear. The special edition will also offer rear parking sensors with LED display, something that was previously missing on the current model range.

Other features which are added to the new version include Blaupunkt Audio system, sun blinds and new floor mats. The new version of Santro Xing will be launched on the Indian market in order to keep up with the tough competition. Due to growing competition and fluctuating fuel prices, buyers are always on the lookout for new car models on the market, due to which companies have to keep introducing new and upgraded versions of their cars.

In recent times, the company unveiled the Gran i10 hatchback, which is scheduled for a September 2013 launch.

Photo Credits: Zig Wheels