Asia Bizz: BP States It Will Drill Relief Well After Completion Of Tests

BP plc has stated that it will be drilling the relief well after the completion of tests by Friday. The relief well will be the last move to completely seal the blown out well in the Gulf of Mexico which created a gigantic oil spill in April. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen states that they are eager to go ahead with the relief well, but then the question is when.


Thad Allen previously stated that there will be no need of drilling a relief well, as the static kill process, during which cement and mud is poured down the well, might have shut down the well leak completely. BP stated that it will need to plug the well at 13000 feet below the sea bed, and the relief well will be drilled only 45 feet away.

Alabama on the other hand has announced that it will be suing BP for the damage it caused through the oil spill to the state. BP has already paid a big sum of compensation to the people of the of the States. The whole cost of the loss suffered by BP during the oil spill has been accounted to $32.2 billion.


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