An express train in the state of Bihar, India killed at least 37 people while they were crossing the railway tracks at a remote train station. The victims were mostly Hindu pilgrims, who had just exited from a local train at Dhamara Ghat station on August 19, 2013. They were on their way to a temple in Saharsa district, where a popular temple of Lord Shiva is located.


After the incident, angry locals have beaten the driver and set two coaches of the train on fire. Rescue operations are under way, but there was a delay due to constant violence from the locals. Another reason for the delay was because the place where the accident happened is difficult to access and can be reached only by rail.

SK Bhardwaj, senior state police officer said that it was difficult to say how many people died, as many bodies have split due to the accident. After the accident occurred, the train stopped a few hundred meters away, after which some angry local people pulled out the driver and assaulted him.

The police has been sent to the accident spot, but the region is very remote and cannot be accessed by road. Chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar expressed his grief regarding the incident and ordered district officials to the accident spot.

Photo Credits: Live Mint