Asia Bizz: Research In Motion Canada Promises India With Technical Solutions To BlackBerry

Canadian telecom giant, Research In Motion has promised India that it will provide a technical solution to the BlackBerry issue that has risen. The Indian Home Ministry has major issues with BlackBerry’s message encryption that it used, as it could not be read, so India warned RIM that if cannot provide a solution to India, then it will face a sure ban on its services.

New Delhi has provided RIM a deadline of 31st August in India, if they cannot provide any solution to this, then the company will face a sure threat of being banned in the world’s fastest growing telecom market and economy. Government has also stated that it will be tossing ropes over Google and Skype, to protect the country from web spying and internet terrorism.

The concern in India rose after, Saudi Arabia had questioned RIM about the security in its services. The worse part is, that if India issues a ban, then it will directly effect 1 million BlackBerry users in India, out of the total 41 million users world wide, which is considered a huge chunk of users of BlackBerry.


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