The letters of protest were sent to the US President Barack Obama by the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 20, 2013. The United States unveiled that it conducted an experiment with plutonium, in order to examine the capabilities of nuclear weapons between April 2013 and June 2013.


The Mayor of Hiroshima, Kazumi Matsui said that they cannot stop being angry and also pointed out that, two months ago in Berlin, Obama proposed reducing stockpiles of US nuclear weapons by up to one-third. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Nagasaki, Tomihisa Taue in his letter said that the latest testing let down a lot of people and hurt the sentiment of the bombed places.

The Mayor of Nagasaki then called the United States to stop nuclear tests and take the initiative in abolishing nuclear weapons. The letter of protest was also sent to Obama by Hiroshima Gov. Hidehiko Yuzaki, saying that the United States is supposed to play a leadership role in worldwide efforts to abolish nuclear weapons, but these actions have disrupted the efforts.

On August 20, 2013, Japanese and Israeli officials said that even Israel expressed regrets over comments made by a senior official, who said that he was sick of ‘self-righteous’ memorials for the victims of the 1945 US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Photo Credits: Telegraph