The recently launched Ford EcoSport has become one of the company’s most successful cars in India. With this in mind, dealerships across the country are facing a tough time with accepting bookings for the latest vehicle. Many dealerships have even stopped accepting new bookings for the diesel versions of the vehicle in the country.


The demand for the new vehicle is several times higher than its supply and the manufacturer is finding it difficult to meet the huge demand for the new EcoSport. More reports have stated that bookings for the top end EcoBoost petrol variant have been suspended at certain dealerships.

Only bookings for the 1.5-liter petrol engine-d variant continue to be unaffected. On the other hand, this results in an increase in the waiting period. The increase in the waiting period not only makes buyers wait for months for the delivery of the vehicle, but it also turns away many potential customers and translates into losses for the manufacturer.

The EcoSport in India is sold in three engine variants and in four trim levels, including Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus. The latest news from Ford came immediately after Ford India’s MD Joginder Singh said that the manufacturer would meet any demand for the EcoSport.

Photo Credits: Car Toq