On August 24, 2013, humanitarian organization of South Korea, the Red Cross announced a list of 500 candidates. The candidates will be visiting their families living in the North around the Chuseok holiday. The Red Cross announced the list of candidates, who were chosen through a random method on a computerized draw.

red cross

People who were not selected for the program had to be sent back home, as the time is running fast for the aging divided families. The announcement was made after the two Koreas agreed on August 23, 2013 to hold the reunions on September 25-30, 2013 for families that were separated by the 1950-53 Korean War.

The reunions will take place at the Mount Geumgangsan resort in North Korea. About 100 people from each side are expected to attend the program. By August 29, 2013, the list of 500 candidates will be narrowed down by 250, through related procedures which include medical checkups.

Ko Kyung Suk, the secretary general of the Korean Red Cross said, “In the past, it took up to 50 days to prepare for a family reunion, but this time around, we only have one month left”. Due to its tight schedule, the organization was in a hurry to select the candidates over the weekend.

Photo Credits: CTV