UK Today News: WikiLeaks To Disclose Another Set Of 15,000 Confidential Files Says Julian Assange

More bad news falls on the Pentagon and the US government as WikiLeaks is not willing to step down from publishing hidden US military files on the Internet. Spokesperson and owner of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has vowed that he will be publishing another set of 15000 files and documents, which has been titled to be more damaging and disturbing from Pentagon’s point of view.

WikiLeaks-Julian-AssangeJulian Assange

Reports say that the initial release of 74000 – 91000 documents on has terrified the world with information that reflects the dark side of the US in the war in Afghanistan. He summoned at a seminar in Sweden, that the website will not back down from the publishing, as it does not fear the Pentagon or any other organization.

It has already been seen that WikiLeaks exposed almost 91,000 secret military documents last month, which has brought great shame to the US military and the Pentagon. As a matter of fact, these files reportedly reflect the heinous crimes and work done by the US military with the people and funds during the war in Afghanistan.


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