The saints community in India is in shock, as a 15-year-old girl has allegedly accused godman Asaram Bapu of a sexual assault at his ashram in Jodhpur. After the complaint was received, two Rajasthan policemen were waiting for hours to serve him summons. The policemen were told that Asaram was meditating and that he should not be disturbed because of it.


The police arrived at Bapu’s ashram at 6 am on August 27, 2013, but his followers told them that they have to wait until he finishes with his meditation. Sources from the police said that the spiritual leader is trying to evade his summons to appear for questioning by August 30, 2013. Reports have said that apart from the summons, the Rajasthan police will also issue alerts to airports in India in case Asaram tries to leave the country.

Moreover, the Home Ministry has also written to the governments of Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, asking for reports on various complaints against the yoga guru. The complaint filed by the teenager has mentioned that last week, Asaram asked her to stay at the ashram after the prayer session was over, after which he sexually assaulted her.

Her statement to the police also mentioned that the 72-year-old spiritual leader had threatened to hurt her and her family if she reported the crime.

Photo Credits: Deccan Chronicle