Asia Bizz: Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour Sets Up Panel For Oil Spill Recovery

The Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour has organized a new panel comprising of 34 members, to analyse the widespread damage caused by the nation’s worse ever oil spill ever – the BP oil spill.. Reports state that the examination of the spill will enable the state government to work on their next steps of rebuilding all the oil ravaged areas.


Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

This group is likely to comprise of politicians, scientists, as well as business officials who will make an assessment of the extent of damage caused as a result of the oil spill. BusinessWeek reports that the group will make a re-constructional plan and submit the same to the Naval Secretary, Ray Mabus, who has been appointed by the President to lead in the long term Gulf of Mexico restoration program.

Mr. Barbour stated that the Gulf of Mexico is the main source of Gulf Economy, and a solid plan to help the region to recover from its damage will help the region in a long term to recover from the damage.


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