Asia Bizz: Wal-Mart Witnesses Quarter Growth But Consumer Response Looks Hazy

The world’s biggest chain of stores, Wal Mart, has stated that it has witnessed its strongest quarterly profit jump but still says that the consumer response is very grim. The largest retailer in the world has pulled out a full years forecast that will help them cut preemptive costs and boost international profit.

wal mart

Experts state, that they have to see how long can US handle by cutting down the fuel costs when sales on the other hand are not increasing substantially. Wal Mart has pulled out a plan which includes providing good and steep discounts on thousands of the products it houses in the stores around the country, which will help to lure customers into the stores.

But everyone in the US knows that the economic recovery pace is so slow, no one knows how long it will take for the economy to stand up. As this is the case right now, the growth pace has considerably hindered any upcoming and growing industries and firms, this points out to something very dark in the future.


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