Asia Bizz: Formal Deadline Presented To BlackBerry In India By Indian Government

The Indian government has provided the liberty to Tata Teleservices that it should ensure total monitoring capability of BlackBerry from the 31st of August this year. Along with Tata another telecom giant in India has also received the same sort of confirmation from the government over BlackBerry.

BlackBerry fell into a legal whirlpool in India when the Indian government questioned the Canadian telecom giant about the services security issues. The encryption code in the mail and messaging services are unable to be read by the Indian security agencies.

The Indian security agencies have raised these questions as a step to stall terrorist and any other sort of security threat on the Indian nation.  New Delhi provided RIM a deadline for the 31st of August stating that it will be forcefully discontinue the messaging and emailing services of BlackBerry in India. Indian as every one knows is one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world.


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