In recent times, the country of China has been overwhelmed with constant controversies regarding fake milk powder. The residents of Jiangsu province will now be able to buy milk powder from vending machines in drug stores, starting from October 2013.


From October 2013 to Spring festival – which takes place in late January 2014 – drug stores will begin selling milk powder through vending machines on a trial basis. The government-related regulations have stated that drug stores will have vending machines in Beijing and Jiangsu province. It has also been clarified that all the milk powders will be purchased and delivered by an international brand management center.

The most assuring part about vending machines is that they will be able to authenticate milk powders in order to guarantee safety. The sales channel will be supported by residents in Zhangjiang of Jiangsu province. Employees in numerous drug stores of the city said that they are preparing for the sales of milk powder at their stores.

Those employees went on to say that the milk powder sold at drug stores has to go through extra inspection to be trusted. Once the milk powder is sold in drug stores, the quality will be guaranteed and it will also be convenient for buyers to purchase milk powder from vending machines.

Photo Credits: China Bev News