The president of Aviation Industry Corporation of China. Lin Zuoming said that the country is developing helicopters which will have the capacity to fly twice the speeds of the current average. Lin said on September 5, 2013 that the aircraft maker is trying its best to achieve the speed of 500 kilometers per hour.


Lin went on to say that China has been keeping pace with other countries. The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) produces a wide range of helicopters, ranging from ultra-light versions to high-altitude adaptive ones. Cai Yi, the general manager of AVIC’s helicopter company said, “We have mastered core technologies of third-generation helicopters. AVIC civilian helicopters can join the ranks of the world’s most advanced.”

AVIC stated that it has cracked core technologies in important areas like rotors, avionics and flight control. Over the last ten years, the helicopter industry in China has been on a steady rise.

Cai assured that the helicopter industry will enter a critical period in the next three to five years. In recent times, AVIC purchased the aircraft engine manufacturer Continental Motors of the USA. The company was established in 1951 during the Korean war, as the Aviation Industry Administration Commission.

Photo Credits: China Defense