This is a time when more and more companies are looking to venture into the wearable device business. Automaker Nissan is the latest company to announce its venture into the smartwatch ecosystem with the Nismo watch. The upcoming device is at a concept stage at the moment and is meant to compliment Nissan cars and allow drivers to measure the efficiency of their cars. The Nismo watch would also enable drivers to monitor their own driving performance.


In addition to that, the smartwatch is capable of monitoring the biometrics of the driver through a heart rate monitor and will send feedback on the basis of their heartbeat. The new Nismo watch will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting from September 10, 2013 and will be available in three colors, including red, black and white. The latest device will come in a premium design with a snapfit mechanism, which secures the wrist of the driver. The device will also be useful in monitoring the online social feed of the driver.

Nisan says that the online social feed has been developed internally and the company has called it social speed. So far, the company has not said anything on the pricing and the availability, as the device is still in the concept stage.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends