Asia Bizz: UK Reviewing Their Benefits Spending On The Middle Class

The Treasury of the United Kingdom has stated that it will reviewing the benefits spending that it is incurring on the middle class, which include provision of Winter fuel and child benefits. These payments to the people will continue, but there wont be any significant rise in the provision allocated.  Dy. Prime Minister, Nick Klegg, has spoken on the eve of 100 days of Coalition power that till now, no final decisions have been taken.

The Pound Economy

An alternate option that is kept in front of the government, is to keep providing benefits to the people, whatever their income could be, but then bridge it down to the poorest in the society. In another blending move by the government, they have decided that they will be increasing the winter fuel provision age from 60 to 65, by the year 2020.

Some reports have pointed out that these steps are taken by the government, as it is a part of the 13 billion pounds reduction in paying back the radical welfare changes. But for now the citizens have a sigh of relief as no changes have been finalized.

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