South Korea recently imposed a ban on all fisheries products from Fukushima and adjacent regions, due to fear of radioactive exposure. After this movie, the government of Japan started a protest against South Korea and posed another strain on the bilateral relations, which were already disturbed by historical rows.


An official from the Japan's Fisheries Agency will be visiting South Korea on September 16, 2013, a move which is perceived as putting a pressure on Seoul to lift the import ban. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety officials in Sejong City will be requested by the director-general of Resources Enhancement Promotion Department to explain the basis of the restriction.

Plans will also be reviewed by the agency to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization if it does not receive an acceptable explanation for the ban. The Korean government last week imposed bans on 50 fisheries in Fukushima, as well as seven other prefectures which include Aomori, Tochigi, Iwate, Miyagi, Ibaraki and Gunma.

The Korean government – along with the ban – also lowered the allowed level of radiation in fisheries products from 370 becquerels per kilogram to 100 becquerels. Korea is the latest country to join a number of import bans from the neighboring countries of Japan.

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