A snoop-thwarting messaging software has been launched by Startup Wickr on September 16, 2013. The software has been specifically designed for Android-powered smartphones or tablets, after the 2012’s release of the program for Apple devices.

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Robert Statica, the startup co-founder said, “Wickr not only offers the most secure form of correspondence but also helps protect our users’ contacts as we anonymize this information before it leaves the senders phone”. Statica went on to say that Wickr does not collect any personally identifiable information on users and cannot read any messages or contents which are sent through Wickr, due to which no criminal or rogue government can take them from the company.

So far, Wicker has not released details on the number of users, but it reportedly sees exponential growth since it released a free version for Apple mobile devices in June 2012. The free version of Wickr made its debut on September 16, 2013, specifically for devices which run on the Android platform of Google.

Statica also added that the release of Wickr Android for public beta comes at an important moment in history, as the right to privacy is challenged by governments, starfish organizations, corporations and lone criminals throughout the world.

Photo Credits: YTIMG