The capital of China, Beijing is constantly dealing with heavy pollution in certain areas of the country. Due to this, the Chinese Vice Premiere Zhang Gaoli has asked for uncompromising, as well as steady efforts in order to deal with pollution, especially in heavily-polluted areas of the country.

china pollution

The comments were made by Zhang during a meeting on September 18, 2013, on the prevention and control of air pollution in Beijing, as well as its neighboring areas. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and the governments of six province-level regions signed an agreement regarding goals and responsibilities that need to be taken in order to prevent and control air pollution.

All six regions in question are located in the northern part of the country and suffer the most from serious air pollution. These regions include municipality Tianjin, capital Beijing, provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. Earlier reports mentioned that the air pollution in Beijing in August 2013 was heavier than in other parts of China.

Zhang described the fight against air pollution as a 'long-term, arduous and complicated task'. He also asked for steady methods which focus on the most important areas and which will be implemented regularly. The Vice Premiere also said that a list of ten cities with the best air quality, as well as ten with the worst will be published every month.

Photo Credits: Today Online