US-based manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla Motors said that they are not interested in the Korean market in the near future. The manufacturer stated that they do not have business in Korea, due to which they are not interested in venturing into the market at the moment.


Atsuko Doi, the communications officer for the company’s Asian operations said, “We don’t have business in Korea, and we don’t have plans to launch for a while”. Doi went on to say that the company does not have an idea regarding how it would perform in Korea in the foreseeable future and also stated that Tesla Motors was in full capacity for previously-launched markets.

The representative also said that the company is too busy handling current customers at the moment to think of commitment in Korea, where customers, carmakers and the government are not very enthusiastic about the idea the electric cars. For the time being, Tesla has its stores and service centers in Japan and Hong Kong and earlier the company had plans to venture into the Korean market.

However, the company decided not to go ahead with the plan, but it might venture into the Chinese market instead. Meanwhile, analysts said that such reports prove to be a shame for Korea, as Tesla cars are considered to be the trendiest among all electric vehicles.

Photo Credits: CDN